Average Revision Procedure Component Costs




Covered Product Rebate

Reduces negative impact due to lost reimbursement and revision component costs.


A commitment to help address the needs of a value-based health care environment.

The market is moving toward a performance-based reimbursement environment, where hospitals are asked to take on additional risk through bundled payments and readmission penalties. DePuy Synthes has responded with its Shared Performance 90-Day Revision Program.


An integrated approach to managing revision exposure.

Subject to the terms of the program and when this program is added to your DePuy Synthes performance pricing agreement, your hospital can earn an annual rebate based on qualifying revision procedures that occur for any reason within 90 days of the primary procedure. This rebate program is designed to include DePuy Synthes revision hip and knee joint reconstruction and Ethicon DERMABOND® PRINEO® Skin Closure System and STRATAFIX™ Symmetric Knotless Tissue Control Device products.


What are the program requirements?

  • A 3-year performance-based pricing agreement for DePuy Synthes hip and knee joint reconstruction products.
  • An addendum that includes the rebate program terms.


How do I get started?

Talk to your DePuy Synthes sales representative or JJMDC account representative to request an appointment. We will explain how this program can be added to performance-based pricing agreements.


How do I request a rebate if a revision occurs?

Request Rebate  


How do I learn more about the terms and conditions of the program?

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*This is a rebate program. It is not a product warranty, guarantee or claim of performance. This information is a summary, does not represent an offer and is provided solely for discussion purposes. The complete terms and conditions of the program will be set forth in an executed agreement.
**These are examples only and do not guarantee or predict future results, which will vary depending on individual circumstances. Average procedural costs savings calculated using DePuy Synthes internal sales data based on weighted average construct selling prices for revision hip and knee procedures. Actual procedural costs savings will vary based on contracted customer prices.

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