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Reusable Sterilization Container System

We've built a strong case for changing the way you sterilize


This is the ONLY container system validated to provide effective sterilization for the DePuy Synthes Trauma and DePuy Synthes CMF instruments and implants. Discover the solution that will make a material difference:


Benefits and Cost Savings


Blue wrap can rip, which requires the set to be re-sterilized. When tears in the blue wrap are discovered at the last minute, re-sterilization could mean more anesthesia time for the patient and additional cost and time added to the case. Over time the cost to purchase blue wrap plus the labor time needed to wrap sets by hospital personnel can add up to significant costs for the hospital. Switching to the DePuy Synthes Trauma and DePuy Synthes CMF Reusable Sterile Container System can reduce overall hospital costs.


Compatibility with DePuy Synthes Trauma and DePuy Synthes CMF Sets


The DePuy Synthes Trauma and DePuy Synthes CMF Reusable Sterilization Container System reduces the ambiguity of set sterility by ensuring compatibility with all DePuy Synthes Trauma and DePuy Synthes CMF sets.


Blue Wrap Waste Reduction


Reusable Sterilization Containers provide an economical solution by reducing the volume of blue wrap disposed of in landfills or incinerated; while also allowing facilities to achieve cost savings.

  • Approximately 19% of the waste stream generated by surgical services is blue sterile wrap1
  • Over the course of about three years, by switching over from blue wrap to sterilization containers, one hospital estimated a reduction in waste of 342.6 cubic yards of landfill2, more than enough to approximately fill a football field!



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