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MatrixRIB™ Care Program

Improving Care of Rib Fracture Patients

The MatrixRIB Care Program is an advanced set of tools and resources including cases studies, care pathways, and patient education materials that help optimize the care of rib fracture patients and address the Triple Aim goals of improved outcomes, increased patient satisfaction, and reduced costs.


Download one of the PDF's below to learn more about the MatrixRIB Care Program:

DePuy Synthes MatrixRIB Care Brochure

DePuy Synthes MatrixRIB Value Analysis Brief

Coding for the MatrixRIB Fixation System



Case Studies & Videos

Learn from surgeon experts how to start a rib fracture program.

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Sample Protocols and Tools

See examples of rib fracture protocols and clinical guidelines from leading centers.

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Useful courses for certification of surgeons, and educational tools for hospital personnel and patients.

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MatrixRIB™ Fixation System

Learn more about DePuy Synthes products for rib fixation.

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DSUS/JRC/1214/0658f 1/2017


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