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Care4Today™ Orthopaedic Solutions



Care4Today™ provides tools and information to patients and caregivers with the goal of improving health outcomes. We apply novel technologies to health care challenges in an effort to increase efficiency and effectiveness through coordination, communication and connectivity.

Orthopaedic Solutions
We’re working with key stakeholders in orthopaedic medicine to develop a unique, integrated patient education and management program for people undergoing orthopaedic surgery.

An integrated approach has been shown to reduce the length of hospital stays, and this pilot program is designed to help patients return home in less time and recover more quickly.

Care4Today™ Orthopaedic Solutions focuses on improving continuity of care and recovery through patient education and empowerment, and provides post-surgery support both in the hospital and at home. A yearlong trial has been launched at a center of orthopaedic excellence in the UK.

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