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Hear from other patients who have successfully recovered from rib fractures and see how Rib Fixation helped them get back to doing a lot of the things they love.

Discover how the MatrixRIB Fixation System used for surgical rib fixation (SRF) helped Dr. Lilly get back to his active lifestyle after tremendous rib pain caused by a plethora of fractured ribs.
Surgeon Chooses RIB Fixation For His Own Treatment
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Only a surgeon trained in rib fracture fixation can provide advice about whether rib fracture fixation surgery is right for you. See a surgeon to learn more. The performance of surgical plates and splints for the fixation and stabilization of ribs depends on the severity of the injury, age, weight, activity level and other factors. There are potential risks and recovery takes time. Each patient and surgeon must weigh the benefits of surgery against potential risks.