What is a rib fracture?

A rib fracture is an injury most commonly caused by blunt trauma to the chest as a result of motor vehicle accidents and falls. Patients with severe rib fractures, sometimes called flail chest (fractures of at least 3 consecutive ribs, each with 2 or more fractures) have been reported in some instances to suffer from long-term pain and disability.

Discover the components that make up the skeletal thoracic anatomy (the clavicle, manubrium, sternum, cartilage, ribs, xiphoid) and view an image depicting the internal/skeletal view of the diagnosis known as flail chest.

Symptoms and Complications

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DSUS/CMF/0716/0587a 12/2017

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Only a surgeon trained in rib fracture fixation can provide advice about whether rib fracture fixation surgery is right for you. See a surgeon to learn more. The performance of surgical plates and splints for the fixation and stabilization of ribs depends on the severity of the injury, age, weight, activity level and other factors. There are potential risks and recovery takes time. Each patient and surgeon must weigh the benefits of surgery against potential risks.