Pain Management

Adjusting the frame may be uncomfortable or painful. Pain may be worse when the skin or nerves are stretched. To assist pain relief, we recommend that you take medication as prescribed by your surgeon. Your doctor may recommend an over the counter pain medication, such as Tylenol, after discharge from the hospital. Your physician may prescribe a pain medication.

If you'd like help managing any medication that is prescribed/recommended by a health care professional, check out the Care4Today™ Mobile Health Manager and Medication Reminder App. This medication management application may help you stay on your medication schedule.

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DSUS/TRM/0716/0975e 2/2017


The performance of limb deformity surgery depends on age, weight, activity level and other factors. There are potential risks and recovery takes time. People with conditions limiting rehabilitation should not have this surgery. Only an orthopaedic surgeon can tell if limb deformity surgery is right for you.