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Since 2011, the ATTUNE® Knee System has been provided for more than 700,000 patients worldwide.1


The ATTUNE® Knee System has shown statistically significant improvements in patient recorded outcomes compared to certain leading brands.2


In a clinical study, physical therapists noted that ATTUNE Knee patients had significantly greater range of motion compared to another leading knee replacement, both two and six weeks post­surgery.3


Hear surgeons and patients discuss their experience with the ATTUNE Knee System.




Coleen and her surgeon, Dr. Spitzer, from Los Angeles, California, discuss how the ATTUNE Knee System has helped meet their patient and personal expectations.




Royce and his surgeon, Dr. King, of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, explain how the ATTUNE Knee System has helped Royce return to doing the things he loves.




Dr. Bedikian of Chicago, Illinois, discusses how the ATTUNE Knee System has helped him set better expectations with patients on recovery and performance.




Dr. Goytia and Dr. Jaglowski from Houston, Texas, discuss their experience with the ATTUNE Knee System.




Eric and his surgeon, Dr. Post, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, discuss how the ATTUNE Knee System helped Eric return to fighting fires.




Dr. Kulidjian and her patient, Shannon, from La Jolla, California, discuss their experience with the ATTUNE Knee System and how Shannon has begun to return to an active lifestyle.



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