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Rebecca got to spend more time with her grandchildren



Rebecca's Story of Overcoming the Daily Limitations of Severe Knee Pain


Rebecca is a professional interior designer from Baltimore, Maryland, with a passion for gardening and spending time with her two grandchildren. But in 2009, she began to experience pain in her knees due to osteoarthritis, and she compensated by making adjustments in her activities.



It started with small changes, like spending less time in the garden to avoid the pain that arose from bending and kneeling on her osteoarthritic knees. At work, she planned shorter client visits and leaned on furniture because it was too painful to stand for more than a few minutes at a time.


Rebecca may not have realized it at first, but the activity limits she was facing were not only affecting her, but those around her as well. "Lifting my grandchildren and getting them in and out of car seats became almost impossible. I couldn’t run after them, which meant I had to stop taking care of them," she said. Moreover, while on vacation, Rebecca’s knee pain was so bad that she sat from a chair instead of participating in family fun.


Rebecca tried pain medication and cortisone shots, but her knee pain continued to worsen over time. She decided to see her orthopaedic surgeon, and he recommended knee replacement surgery. He replaced both of her knees in January 2012 with the ATTUNE® Knee System, a new advancement in knee replacement technology.


Shortly after surgery Rebecca began physical therapy, which was hard, but essential, work. "During physical therapy, I reminded myself of how far I had come in just a week instead of focusing on the hard parts," she said. Over the next six to eight weeks, Rebecca was able to get back to the activities she loves. Today, she is happy to be back at work and able to move around her garden and play with her grandchildren with confidence.


Rebecca is working with DePuy Synthes Companies on an educational initiative called Unspoken Limits, which is focused on raising awareness of the toll knee osteoarthritis can take on patients as well as their relationships with friends and family, and to encourage them to learn about knee replacement with the ATTUNE Knee.


Important Safety Information

The performance of knee replacements depends on age, weight, activity level, and other factors. There are potential risks and recovery takes time. People with conditions limiting rehabilitation should not have this surgery. Only an orthopaedic surgeon can tell if knee replacement is right for you.




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