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  Overview - Discover an in-depth overview of the main causes of back & neck pain & gain an understanding of signs that it is time to seek help from your doctor.  
  Back Pain - Discover the typical causes of back pain (low back pain: mechanical & compressive pain; lower back pain in athletes) & symptoms associated with these various causes.  
  Neck Pain - Learn about the causes & symptoms associated with neck pain. Discover how repeated injuries can result in degeneration of the cervical spine causing neck pain.  
  Diagnoses - Back and Neck Pain Diagnoses and Conditions - Discover how a doctor can diagnose your spinal condition & design a treatment plan with a complete physical history & physical examination.  
  Procedures and Tests - Procedures & tests used to diagnose back & neck conditions (Bone Scan, Computed Tomography (CT) Scan, Electromyogram (EMG), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scan).  
  Conditions - Discover the conditions that cause back & neck pain (Bulging Disc, Herniated Disc, Facet Joint Syndrome, Myelopathy, Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome & Scoliosis).  
  Muscle Strain and Sprain - Discover the differences between a back & neck muscle strain & muscle sprain while learning about the various causes, symptoms associated & treatment options.  
  Research - Back and Neck Pain Research and Treatment - Discover treatment options for back & neck pain that range from conservative therapies, such as braces, to invasive therapies such as spinal injections & surgery.  
  Surgery - Discover all the risks & benefits associated with each surgical procedure if your doctor has recommended this treatment option for spinal & neck problems.  
  Recovery - Discover the care & instructions you will receive for your post-surgical recovery & a recovery timeline based on the surgical procedure & other factors.  
  Rehabilitation - Learn about the rehabilitation process for recovering, strengthening & how to avoid future injuries after a spinal injury and/or spinal surgery.  

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  Find a Doctor - Search the DePuy Synthes Companies compiled database of doctors & orthopaedic surgeons that specialize in back & neck (spine) pain treatment options for patients.  
  Find-A-Doctor - Search results from DePuy Synthes Companies compiled database of doctors & orthopaedic surgeons that specialize in back & neck (spine) pain for patients.  
  Scoliosis Interview - Read about a real-life scoliosis patient & discover every stage of her success story from the inception of pain to the final stages of rehabilitation.  
  Spine Anatomy - Gain an understanding of the anatomy of the spine (back & neck) & how it provides body structure & support, making it one of the most important parts of your body.  
  Spine Treatment Options - Discover the causes of back & neck pain, conditions that could be causing this pain & available treatment options to help alleviate back & neck pain.