Treatment FAQs

Q. Will I need to have therapy until my pain goes completely away?

A. Because back pain is unpredictable, it is not realistic to expect that you will be pain-free when you complete your therapy treatments. Every effort will be made to help take your pain away, but you should measure success by how well you can manage your spine condition—even if you still have pain.

The first goal of treatment is to find ways of controlling your pain and symptoms. This can include the use of treatment interventions like heat, ice, and manual therapy. By helping you understand how your spine works and which positions and movements can be used to protect your back and neck, you may find it easier to manage your pain and symptoms. As your symptoms begin to ease, you will be given specific exercises to improve your mobility and strength. An important part of helping you manage your spine condition is called functional training, which can include posture and alignment, safe body movements at home and at work, and safe lifting techniques.

Once your pain is controlled, your range of motion has improved, and your strength has started to return, you will be progressed to a final home therapy program. Your physical therapist will go over ways to take care of your soreness at home, and you will be given exercises to continue improving the range of motion, strength, and function of your spine.



I've made an appointment with a spine professional to learn about the causes of my back and neck pain and my treatment options. What can I expect on my first visit?