Disease FAQs

Q. I thought I had a problem with my back. My doctor examined me and said it's not my back, but that I have a sacroiliac dysfunction. What is a sacroiliac dysfunction, and can I be sure that I don't have problems with my back?

A. Dysfunction means that something in your body s not working right. The joints formed by your pelvis and sacrum may cause pain or movement problems. This may be due to inflammation or pressure on the soft tissues and muscles that make up the sacroiliac (SI) joint. The SI joint can cause pain by itself, or your pain may be caused by your SI joint together with other spine problems. Additional testing can help sort out problems in your SI joint, and whether you are having other problems in your low back. SI joint dysfunction can come from changes in the way your pelvis lines up with your tailbone (sacrum). Changes in pelvic alignment can put extra stress on the ligaments that support your pelvis and sacrum. Medical and therapeutic treatments are available to improve the alignment and function of your SI joint, to relieve your pain, and to prevent future problems.


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