Diagnostic Test FAQs

Q. I have a metal plate in my leg, and need an MRI Scan of my low back. I have been told that because the MRI Scanner uses a very strong magnet that I may not be able to have one done. Will I be able to have an MRI Scan?

A. Getting treatment for your condition is an important first step toward controlling spine pain. The treatment and reassurance from your health-care provider can help get you on the road to recovery. Sometimes these are all that are needed to help your pain go away completely. In fact, a high percentage of people with a first experience of mild back pain become pain-free within a six to eight-week period-without treatment. Yet spine pain is not predictable most of the time. Your doctor will have a better idea of your recovery time when the medical examination is completed. The goal of treatment will be to help you begin to control your pain and to help you regain your best possible function-even when your pain hasn't gone away completely.


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