Become a Contributing Editor

As a medical professional who specializes in back care and neck care, we welcome your expertise and invite you to submit your articles.

Types of Articles

All About Back & Neck Pain publishes both solicited and unsolicited articles.

Solicited articles are defined as articles requested by the Editorial Board to be written by topic experts not on the Board. The Board will review all articles, and the articles will become the property of All About Back & Neck Pain upon payment to the authors. Contributing editors will be paid by the word, not to exceed $600 per article, and will be listed as "Contributing Editors" on

Unsolicited articles are defined as articles submitted to All About Back & Neck Pain without prior approval of the Editorial Board. The board must approve the publication of any such articles. Authors should submit an explanation of the purpose of the article and at least a brief outline. The Editorial Board will consider unsolicited article proposals, but approval of the proposal does not mean approval of the article itself. If the article is approved, the author will be paid and the article will become the property of All About Back & Neck Pain. Authors will be listed as "Contributing Editors" on

Contributing Editor Guidelines

Authorship Requirements:

  • Submitting articles or content for publication, authors warrant that they take public responsibility and can attest to the validity of any data contained within.
  • Authors must disclose financial interests they have in the products or services they represent.
  • Edited articles are sent back to the author for final approval.
  • Authors are responsible for all statements contained in published version of article or content.
  • Articles should be submitted with a bio of the writer and a photograph if desired.
  • Articles will be paid $0.50 cents per word not to exceed $600 on the final publishable version or $200 per double spaced 8.5 x 11 inch page.

Article Submission Requirements:

  • All content or articles should be typed within an 8.5 x 11 space. Articles will be accepted via printed material on 8.5 x 11 white paper but electronic submissions are preferred. Submissions can be made electronically via email or on disk to the following address:
    All About Back Pain Editorial Board
    325 Paramount Drive, Box 18
    Raynham, MA 02767

  • Articles should be double-spaced and 1-inch margins should be used throughout article, including references. The author's last name and the page number should appear on the upper right hand corner of each page.
  • References to published materials should be cited in the text with the superscript numbers and listed at the end of the article.
  • References to other articles should include the reference number, author's name, article title, journal name, volume, issue and page numbers, and the year in parenthesis.