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About Allaboutbackandneckpain.com

Allaboutbackandneckpain.com is sponsored by DePuy Synthes Spine, a Johnson & Johnson company, to provide back and neck pain sufferers as well as their families and friends with a trusted source of information about back and neck pain treatments. By providing information about treatment for back and neck pain, including back and neck surgery, Allaboutbackandneckpain.com strives to help those who suffer from back and neck pain improve their quality of life.

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Allaboutbackandneckpain.com will publish timely, professionally reviewed, medically accurate information on back and neck pain and associated treatments and surgeries. All content is either authored by a physician or other healthcare provider or reviewed by medical professionals before being published on the site.

Allaboutbackandneckpain.com reserves the right to not provide information about specific brand-name products/medications of companies that compete with Johnson & Johnson; however, we are committed to informing you of all medically sound treatment options. Also, Allaboutbackandneckpain.com experts cannot prescribe treatment or diagnose specific medical conditions over the Internet. We reserve the right to not answer questions asking for a diagnosis or specific treatment plan.