Pancarpal Arthrodesis Plates

Division: Vet

The DePuy Synthes Vet LCP® Pancarpal Arthrodesis Plates incorporate clinically proven locking technology into plate designs specifically tailored to the geometry, mechanical properties and soft tissue concerns associated with the canine carpal joint.

Indications for Use

For treatment of carpal joints in dogs.

Features & Benefits

  Features Benefits
Tapered plate thickness, proximal & distal Tapered plate thickness, proximal and distal
  • Reduced implant stiffness over metacarpal
  • Improved skin coverage during closure
Up to 25 degree angulation offers surgeon increased flexibilty Up to 25° angulation capability of radiocarpal bone cortex screw
  • Offers surgeon increased flexibility in axially plate placement
  • Higher potential for axial alignment of radiocarpal bone cortex screw with the axis of the accessory carpal bone
Extended distal undercuts allows for increased separation between stress risers Extended distal undercuts and increased distance between distal screw hole and end of plate
  • Reduced stiffness at distal end of plate to better match that of metacarpal
  • Increased separation between stress risers



DSUS/VET/0817/0084e 11/2017

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