Locking Reconstruction & Mini Plate System

Division: Vet

The DePuy Synthes Vet Mini Locking Reconstruction and Mini Plate System is a versatile system comprised of titanium locking plates and screws. The plates, available in a large variety of lengths and thicknesses, accept locking and cortex screws ranging from 2.0mm to 3.0mm. They are also contourable in three dimensions, allowing the surgeon to closely match implant geometry to skeletal anatomy in a wide range of veterinary indications.

Indications for Use

For the Mandible and Maxilla.

Features & Benefits

  Features Benefits
Various array plate lengths, thicknesses, & geometries affords the surgeon multiple options to address a wide rang of indications. Extensive offering of plate lengths, thicknesses and geometries:
  • 2.0mm plates available in four thicknesses ranging from 1.0mm to 2.0mm, and lengths up to 20 holes long
  • 2.4mm plates are 2.5mm thick and available up to 24 holes long
Affords the surgeon multiple options to address a wide range of indications.
Plates that work with cortex (angle screws up to 18 degrees) & locking screws 2.0mm plates accept both cortex and locking screws While locking screws provide a stronger, fixed angle construct, cortex screws provides the opportunity to angle screws up to 18°.
Plates that all for 2.4mm locking & cortex screws. Additional capability with 3.0mm locking screws. Versatile 2.4mm plates accept 2.4mm cortex and locking screws, with additional capability of accepting 3.0mm locking screws Allows the surgeon to use 2.4mm locking screws in anatomic areas not amenable to larger 3.0mm screws, without sacrificing plate strength.
Cuttable plates in the system alowing for customized length of plates. Both 2.0mm and 2.4mm plates are available in extended lengths
  • 2.0mm up to 20 holes
  • 2.4mm up to 24 holes
All plates in the system are cuttable, adding a measure of affordability by allowing to the surgeon to use only as much plate length as required, saving the remainder of the cut plate for future surgeries.


Technique Guide

DSUS/VET/0817/0084h 11/2017

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