Large Fragment System

Division: Vet

The DePuy Synthes Vet Large Fragment System is part of a stainless steel plate and screw system that merges locking screw technology with conventional plating techniques. This system contains the 4.5mm – 5.5mm implants and related instruments required for LC‐DCP® and DCP® and LCP® Plating. The Large Fragment System provides the most comprehensive fracture and arthrodesis solution for large animal surgeons.

Features & Benefits

  Features Benefits
Large Fragment System Proximal Interphalangeal (PIP) Plate Proximal Interphalangeal(PIP) Plate
  • Elimination of tapered end to allow for placement close to hoof wall
  • Elongated section between distal hole for spacing over joint
  • Use with conventional screws or locking screws
Large Fragment System - 4.5mm LCP T-Plate 4.5mm LCP T‐Plate For the treatment of physeal fractures of the proximal tibia in foals and includes 3 locking stacked Combi Holes that converge to maximize screw purchase in bone.
Large Fragment System with Limited-Contact Plate Design Limited‐contact plate design Limited‐contact plate design:
  • Reduces plate‐to bone contact, protecting vascularity
  • Allows uniform bending
Large Fragment System LCP Combi Holes LCP Combi Holes Combi Holes allow placement of standard cortex and cancellous bone screws on one side or threaded conical locking screws on the opposite side of each hole.
Large Fragment System - Stacked Combi Holes Stacked Combi Holes The stacked Combi Holes in the plate accept either cortex or locking screws.
Large Fragment System - Rounded End Rounded End Rounded end and centrally located hole at one end for metaphyseal fracture repair.
Large Fragment System - Compatible with Multiple Screw Sizes Compatible with multiple screw sizes The advanced technology of BIOLOX delta Ceramic Heads articulating on ALTRX Polyethylene Bearings provides an alternative solution for high-demand patients. This low-wear option produces 33 percent less volumetric wear than ALTRX Polyethylene Liners with cobalt chrome heads.5
Large Fragment System - Narrow & Broad Plate Types Narrow and broad plate types 4.5 mm and 5.5 mm cortex screws may be used in the DCU portion of the Combi Hole in the plate shaft or in round locking holes; compress plate to bone or create axial compression; fully threaded shaft

4.0 mm and 5.0 mm locking screws used in the locking portion of the Combi Holes or in stacked Combi Holes; create a locked, fixed‐angle construct; fully threaded shaft

6.5 mm cancellous bone screws: may be used in the DCU portion of the Combi Hole in the plate shaft or in round locking holes; compress plate to bone or create axial compression; fully or partially threaded shaft
large-fragment-system-graphic-cases.png Graphic Cases Large Fragment sterilization cases hold all the required instruments and implants, and fit most tabletop autoclaves


Technique Guide

DSUS/VET/0817/0084c 11/2017

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