Universal Small Fragment System

Division: Trauma
Category: Instruments

The Universal Small Fragment System is a streamlined system of instruments, coupled with standard and anatomic implants to support small fragment procedures. The system consists of two components: 1) A core set of instruments, screws, and standard implants; and 2) anatomic implant trays for the supported small fragment anatomy. In addition, the core set can support any 2.7 mm/3.5 mm DePuy Synthes non-locking, LCP® and VA LCP® Plating Technologies.

Compared to existing DePuy Synthes systems indicated for small fragment trauma, the signature benefits of the Universal Small Fragment System include:

  • Improved instrument and system ease of use by operating room teams and hospital staff
  • Improved efficiency through reduction in instruments and trays needed for small fragment procedures
  • Reduction in hospital costs associated with maintaining equipment


Indications for Use

The Universal Small Fragment System assists the surgeon in the fixation of implants for small fragment fractures where 2.7 mm/3.5 mm non-locking, LCP, and VA LCP Plating Technology is utilized. It is not intended for use in craniomaxillofacial and spine. For specific indications or surgical technique of specific 2.7 mm/3.5 mm Plating Technology, refer to the desired anatomic plate surgical technique guide.

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Features & Benefits

  Features Benefits
Universal Small Fragment System - Ease of Use Ease of Use
  • Universal Small Fragment, USF, streamlines instruments and implants into a compact, modular system that can be used for all Small Fragment cases.
  • Surgeons assessing the system believe it will improve consistency and repeatability of operating room support across all small bone trauma9
Universal Small Fragment System - Improved Efficiency Improved Efficiency
  • Retrieving fewer sets may mean a faster setup of operating room for trauma4-6
  • Staff proficient in core set may become faster using the same system across all small fragment procedures7,8
  • In-tray washing may eliminate need to reassemble trays after washing*
Universal Small Fragment System - Cost Savings Cost Savings
  • USF reduces the number of trays brought into the operating room by 50%2,3 and reduces the footprint needed for washing that may deliver demonstrable savings to the hospital.2,3

*Assumes following existing DePuy Synthes IFU



  1. Use of “fewer sets” and “with less” used throughout document uses a comparison of existing comparable DePuy Synthes systems as benchmark.
  2. Calculation takes into account DePuy Synthes systems commonly used for each small bone trauma procedure, employs a weighted average of 2.25 sets per procedure, cost to wash a tray is $47.725 and approximately 5 trays are washed per set on average when accounting for any wire bins that are also holding instruments.
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110560-190328 DSUS 05/2019

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