Suprapatellar Instrumentation for Titanium Cannulated Tibial Nail

Division: Trauma
Category: Instruments

The Suprapatellar Insertion Instruments provide the option of tibial nail insertion through a suprapatellar approach while protecting the soft tissues. As part of the Expert Nailing System, the Suprapatellar Insertion Instruments are compatible with both the Titanium Cannulated Tibial Nail — EX and the Titanium Cannulated Tibial Nail — EX with proximal bend.

Indications for Use

The Synthes Suprapatellar Insertion Instruments are part of the Synthes Tibial Nail System EX. The Synthes Tibial Nail System EX is intended to stabilize fractures of the proximal and distal tibia and the tibial shaft, open and closed tibial shaft fractures, certain pre- and postisthmic fractures, and tibial malunions and nonunions.

Features & Benefits

Two-hole wire guides

  • Offset hole to "dial-in" placement of the guide wire
  • Blunt tip
  • Gentle transitions

Reusable PEEK opening trocars

  • Reusable solid design
  • Smooth, rounded tip
  • Gentle transitions

Steel inner protection sleeves

  • Protects soft outer sleeve during drilling and reaming
  • Suction holes
  • Retention feature
  • Finger grips for easy removal

Soft outer protection sleeves

  • Soft, flexible material to cushion soft tissue
  • Locks into handle with a 1/4 turn
  • Conforms to nail shape during insertion
  • For single-use only

Handle for protection sleeves

  • Retention knob
  • Lever locks
  • Through slot and holes to anchor handle
  • Suction port

Insertion handle

  • Longer length for suprapatellar insertion
  • Smaller diameter tip
  • Smooth contoured reverse bevel for smooth transition

Aiming arm

  • Radiolucent material
  • Protection sleeve retention
  • Precise targeting
  • Standard attachment mechanism

Extraction screw

  • Drill point tip
  • Cutting flutes to remove debris
  • Longer tip

Inter-lock screwdrivers

  • Locks into the recess of the screw
  • Firm, mechanical locking mechanism
  • Engages and disengages with the turn of a nut

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