Division: Trauma
Category: Nitinol Compression Implants

The HAMMERSPLINT Brace is an adjunctive tool to the BME HAMMERLOCK® 2 Nitinol Implant for addressing lesser MPJ instability. The unique design of the HAMMERSPLINT Brace device gives surgeons a means of stabilizing the metatarsophalangeal joints of the lesser toes in conjunction with hammertoe fusions

Indications for Use

  • Can be used in conjunction with HAMMERLOCK 2 Nitinol Implant for lesser MTP joint alignment during the early stages of healing from Hammertoe Arthrodesis.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Design Heel cup design for secure strap retention.
Comfort Seamless low-bulk fabric for patient comfort and better fit in shoes.
Size One size fits all minimizes inventory levels.
Consistent Force Non-stretch straps reduce binding and provide consistent force.


DSUS/TRM/1116/1229 11/2016

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