BME ELITE® Nitinol Memory Implant

Division: Trauma
Category: Nitinol Compression Implants

The BME ELITE® Compression Implant is a plate-like, low-profile implant design in two- and four-leg straight configurations that are available in multiple sizes. Used for fracture and osteotomy fixation and joint arthrodesis of the hand and foot.

Indications for Use

  • Fracture and osteotomy fixation and joint arthrodesis of the hand and foot.
  • Fixation of proximal tibial metaphysis osteotomy.
  • Fixation of small fragments of bone (i.e. small fragments of bone which are not comminuted to the extent to preclude staple placement). These fragments may be located in long bones such as the femur, fibula and tibia in the lower extremities; the humerus, ulna or radius in the upper extremities; the clavicle; and in flat bone such as the pelvis and scapula.

Video & Animations

Features & Benefits

  Features Benefits
BME ELITE Nitinol Memory Implant - Implant profile image Implant Profile High strength, stiffness and rotational stability for high-load applications*

Plate Design Patent-pending, plate-like design that retains compression after repetitive loading
Drilling Templates Function as integrated sizing tools and drill guides to simplify the technique.
BME ELITE Nitinol Memory Implant - Insertion Tool image Depth Gauge Newly designed, customized depth gauge to help ensure optimal fit.
Insertion Tool Implants are pre-loaded on BME's patentpending Zero-Torque Insertion Tool.
Optimized, pre-sterilized, fully disposable system Allows the surgeon to determine the bridge and leg lengths needed PRIOR to opening an implant package
Size & Profile Two- and four-leg low-profile, straight implants in multiple sizes


DSUS/TRM/1116/1227 11/2016

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