Titanium Cannulated Adolescent Lateral Entry Femoral Nail

Division: Trauma
Category: Intramedullary Nails

The Titanium Cannulated Adolescent Lateral Entry Femoral Nail-EX (ALFN) is part of the Synthes EXpert Nail System.

In particular this nail addresses several proximal femur and femoral shaft fractures in the patient population that is too large for elastic nails and too small for other nails.

Indications for Use

The Adolescent Lateral Entry Femoral Nail-EX is indicated for use in adolescent and small-stature adult patients to stabilize:

  • Fractures of the femoral shaft
  • Subtrochanteric fractures
  • Ipsilateral neck / shaft fractures
  • Impending pathologic fractures
  • Nonunions and malunions

Features & Benefits

  • Design accommodates a lateral entry site through the greater trochanter
  • Designed for use in patients where Titanium Elastic Nails are not large enough and the Lateral Entry Femoral Recon Nail - EX is too large
  • Anatomic nail design based on a femoral canal study
  • Cannulated nail for reamed or unreamed techniques
  • Easy-to-use instrumentation facilitates the surgical procedure
  • Ball-tip reaming rod can be removed through the nail and insertion instruments, eliminating the need for exchange tube
  • Lengths from 240 mm to 400 mm, in 20 mm increments
  • 8.2 mm, 9 mm, and 10 mm diameter nails with 11 mm diameter proximal end.

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