Hip Preservation Surgery Set

Division: Trauma
Category: Instruments

The Hip Preservation Surgery set contains retractors, osteotomes, chisels, and femoral head templates to assist the surgeon with periacetabular ostoetomy and hip impingement procedures.

Features & Benefits


  • Twelve osteotomes
  • Striking-cap on each osteotome for improved transfer of force from hammer strikes and increased durability
  • The working end of each osteotome is etched in 5 mm increments to help the surgeon determine the depth in the bone
  • The distance from the first etched line to the tip of the blade measures 10 mm, unless it has been sharpened

Aluminum Retractors:

  • Radiolucent properties
  • Eight aluminum retractors
  • Lightweight
  • Also available in stainless steel

Femoral Head Templates:

  • Nine templates with diameters from 42 mm to 58 mm
  • Femoral head templates are nearly transparent, to facilitate identifying points of interest in femoral head

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