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About this product

Division: Trauma
Category: Plates and Screws

The 3.5 mm Low Profile Pelvic Plates are stainless steel with a uniform cross section and low profile design to improve contourability and minimize soft tissue irritation.

3.5mm Low Profile Pelvic System

Indications for Use

The Synthes 3.5 mm Low Profile Reconstruction Plate is intended for:

  • Pelvic and acetabular reconstructive surgery
  • Fracture fixation of the distal humerus
  • Fracture fixation of the clavicle
  • Fracture fixation of the scapula

Features & Benefits

  • Plates available in a variety of precontoured shapes
  • Low-profile plate improves contourability for easy intraoperative bending, when necessary
  • Maximum screw angulation
  • Variety of precontoured shapes to minimize intraoperative contouring

All medical devices have associated risks. Please refer to the package insert and other labeling for a complete list of indications, contraindications, precautions and warnings. For further information on DePuy Synthes Products, please contact your local DePuy Synthes Representative.
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