1.5 mm Headless Compression Screw

Division: Trauma
Category: Plates and Screws

The 1.5 mm Headless Compression Screws are self-drilling, self-tapping headless screws that allow surgeon-controlled compression and a simplified technique. Examples of when to use the 1.5 mm headless compression screws:

  • DIP arthrodesis
  • Metacarpal base fracture
  • Metacarpal head fracture
  • Weil osteotomy

Indications for Use

The 1.5 mm Headless Compression Screws are intended for fixation of intra-articular and extra-articular fractures, avulsions, nonunions, and osteotomies of small bones and small bone fragments as well as arthrodesis of small joints.

Features & Benefits

  • Cutting flutes on screwhead to facilitate countersinking of screw
  • Identical pitch of head and shaft threads maintains compression when countersinking the head
  • T4 StarDrive recess for optimal torque transmission
  • Dedicated instrumentation and identical head and shaft pitch aid in controlled closure and compression of the fracture gap
  • Available in stainless steel and titanium

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