HARMONIC OSTEOVUE™ Spine Soft Tissue Dissector

Division: Spine
Category: Deformity Correction for Adult Scoliosis

The HARMONIC OSTEOVUE Spine Soft Tissue Dissector is an advanced energy device specifically designed as an ultrasonic periosteal elevator for spine procedures and is indicated for soft tissue incisions when bleeding control and minimal thermal injury are desired. It is a multifunctional device that simultaneously cuts and seals, spot coagulates and scrapes soft tissue.

The HARMONIC OSTEOVUE Spine Soft Tissue Dissector is compatible with Ethicon Generator GEN11, HP054 Gray Hand Piece and FSW11 Generator Footswitch.

Indications for Use

The HARMONIC OSTEOVUE™ Spine Soft Tissue Dissector instrument is indicated for soft tissue incisions when bleeding control and minimal thermal injury are desired. The instrument can be used as an adjunct to or substitute for electrosurgery, lasers, and steel scalpels in general, plastic, gynecologic, exposure to orthopedic structures (such as spine and joint space), ENT (Ears, Nose, Throat), and thoracic surgery, including mobilization of the Internal Mammary Artery (IMA).


The instruments are not intended for contraceptive tubal occlusion.


Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Delivers precise energy using ultrasonic vibration

83% less blood loss vs. monopolar electrocautery1


97% less char and 38%  less smoke plume vs. monopolar electrocautery2,3


Has significantly lower peak temperature vs. monopolar electrocautery4

No electrical current passes through the patient

Less muscle contractions versus monopolar electrocautery, which may reduce the need for paralytics during spine exposure5


Allows for neuromonitoring throughout the surgical procedure without interference

1. In a preclinical study of porcine muscle incisions (p=0.005).

2. In a benchtop study on bovine liver tissue (p<0.05).

3. In a preclinical study on porcine spinal tissue (p=0.016).

4. Mean comparison in a benchtop study via infrared camera (p<0.001).

5. In a preclinical study that measured median mechanomyography (MMG) (p<0.001).

DSUS/SPN/0416/1279 05/2016

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