INSIGHT® Access Retractor System

Division: Spine
Category: Access

The INSIGHT® Access Retractor System is intended to be used for decompression, interbody placement and/or pedicle screw placement in the posterior, lumbosacral spine. This system allows for independent cranial/caudal and medial/lateral soft tissue retraction. A wide variety of blade options accommodates varying patient anatomy.

The INSIGHT Access Retractor System compliments existing DePuy Synthes Spine MIS Pedicle Screw System (VIPER® System and MATRIX™ MIS) and Interbody Fusion Systems (CONCORDE® Bullet, OPAL™, and T-PAL™).

Indications for Use

The INSIGHT Access Retractor is a Class I device, as classified by the FDA. Therefore, there are no formal indications.

Features & Benefits


  Features Benefits
INSIGHT Access Retractor System access window | DePuy Synthes Companies
INSIGHT Access Retractor System | DePuy Synthes Companies

INSIGHT Access Retractor System rendering | DePuy Synthes Companies

Independent blade angulation in both cranial/caudal and medial/lateral directions

Allows for blades to be angulated between 0° and 30° (in 10° increments)


Provides customizable access window based on varying patient anatomy

Matte finish

Minimizes glare and shadows in surgical field


May increase surgeon ability to accurately assess surgical field

Radiolucent material

Allows for visualization of anatomy under fluoroscopy


Provides unobstructed view during decompression and/or fusion

Breadth of offering


Offers multiple blade designs and lengths


Provides single access system to accommodate multiple approach options and a range of patient anatomy


All medical devices have associated risks. Please refer to the package insert and other labeling for a complete list of indications, contraindications, precautions and warnings. For further information on DePuy Synthes Products, please contact your local DePuy Synthes Representative.