GLOBAL® STEPTECH® Anchor Peg Glenoid

Division: Shoulder
Category: Shoulder Reconstruction

GLOBAL® STEPTECH® APG Shoulder System builds on the clinical history of the GLOBAL® Shoulder Anchor Peg Glenoid by incorporating proven design elements, and PREMIERON® X-Linked Polyethylene to create a technologically advanced glenoid implant.

The novel GLOBAL STEPTECH APG Glenoid Component has been designed to correct excessive retroversion caused by posterior glenoid bone loss, to closely recreate the original glenohumeral joint line, and to minimize the removal of healthy bone. The prosthesis incorporates a proprietary step technology design with an anterior backside surface that is spherical and a posterior backside surface that is conical to effectively counteract posterior loading. The amount of correction is managed by the height (+3, + 5, or +7mm) of the posterior step built into the component.  All of these features work together to decrease the shear stresses at the bone/implant and bone/cement interfaces, thereby increasing implant stability.

GLOBAL STEPTECH APG Implants may potentially:

  • Minimize the need for glenoid bone graft to correct asymmetrical wear
  • Reduce the surgical time needed to correct asymmetrical wear using bone graft
  • Reduce the extent of the high side reaming, and the resulting loss of healthy bone and joint medialization

Indications for Use

The  GLOBAL® STEPTECH®Anchor Peg Glenoid System is intended for use in total shoulder replacement surgery for patients suffering from:

  1. A severely painful and/or disabled joint resulting from osteoarthritis, traumatic arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.
  2. Fracture-dislocations of the proximal humerus where the articular surface is severely communited, separated from its blood supply, or where the surgeon's experience indicates that alternative methods of treatment are unsatisfactory.
  3. Other difficult clinical problems where shoulder arthrodesis or resection arthroplasty are not acceptable (e.g. revision of a failed primary component).

Glenoid components are intended for cemented use only.


WARNING: This product has labeling limitations. See package insert for complete information.

Features & Benefits

  Features Benefits
Advanced Proprietary Step Technology • Spherical anterior and conical posterior backside offer dual-surface design to effectively counteract posterior loading

• Various degrees of correction is managed by the height (+3, + 5, or +7mm) of the posterior step built into the component
Premieron X-Linked Polyethylene

• 85% reduction in wear debris over conventionally manufactured and sterilized components1

• GUR 1020 polyethylene resin

• 5 Mrad of irradiation

• Thermally treated to 155° F to virtually eliminate free radicals for an oxidatively stable material

• Maintains mechanical integrity


Wirth MA, Klotz C, Deffenbaugh DL, et al. Cross-linked glenoid prosthesis: a wear comparison to conventional glenoid prosthesis with wear particulate analysis. Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery. 2009;18(1)130-137.

GLOBAL STEPTECH APG Instrumentation System

  Features Benefits

Anterior/Posterior Scraper,

Superior/Inferior Scraper

+3, +5, +7mm, L or R

• An alternative that allows accurate preparation of the posterior surface of the glenoid by hand

• Scrapers designed for the left or right shoulder and each of three different step heights.

Peripheral Drill Guide

+3, +5, +7mm, L or R

• Allows for accurate drilling of three peripheral holes

• Color-coded hole locations match respective Peripheral Drill Bit Anterior, Superior/Posterior for each step height for easy identification

Oscillating Rasp and Rasp Guide

+3, +5, +7mm, SM or LG

• Oscillating Rasp mates with the Rasp Guide for more accuracy in preparing the posterior surface of the glenoid with a power source.

• Rasp Guide protects the prepared anterior surface and central drill hole during preparation of the posterior surface

• Two different size guides offered for each of three different step heights

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