TWISTR™ Retrograde Reamer & Cruciate+ Instruments

Division: United States

The TWISTR™ Retrograde Reamer (“Retroreamer”) is a disposable outside-in retrograde reamer that consists of a drill pin with deployable blade and an outer sleeve with graduated markings. The TWISTR Retrograde Reamer can accommodate a range of diameters (6-12 mm in half millimeter increments) in a single device. The outer sleeve is circumferentially laser marked in 5 mm increments to assist in measuring tunnel depth.

Indications for Use

The TWISTR Retrograde Reamer is intended for general surgical use during orthopedic procedures.

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Features & Benefits

Surgeons performing cruciate ligament reconstructions desire anatomic tunnel placement, which can be difficult to achieve with inside-out drilling techniques. The one-size-fits-all TWISTR™ Retrograde Reamer & Cruciate+ Instruments enable precision, outside-in tunnel drilling, while removing the need to hyper-flex the knee and reducing the risk of condylar damage during drilling.

  • Adjusts to drill 6-12mm bone sockets, including half-sizes
  • Simplifies inventory management
  • Improves procedural convenience
  • Reduces cost in cases where multiple reamer sizes are needed
  • Accurately drills tunnels and bone sockets for anatomic reconstructions1


  1. Reference Internal Data: 103257492


Technique Guide
DSUS/MTK/0517/1019 05/2017

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