SPEEDTRAP™ Graft Prep System

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A global knee ethnography study determined that the process of harvesting and preparing grafts for use in ACL reconstruction is a tedious, inefficient and time-consuming process.1 The SPEEDTRAP™ System is a whipstitching device designed to prepare grafts faster than traditional whipstitching techniques by at least 77%.2

The implantable suture construct is made of a non-absorbable, flat spine suture composed of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) and a co-braided winding suture composed of either green (D&C Green #6) poly (ethylene terephthalate) (PET) and UHMWPE, or un-dyed PET and UHMWPE. The suture construct is supplied on a disposable, non-implantable, sterile delivery device made of polypropylene.

  • Innovative design provides even distribution and pattern of whipstitches
  • “Needleless” design compresses the graft, eliminating graft damage from needle pierces
  • High strength suture and construct for graft tensioning
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Indications for Use

The SPEEDTRAP suture construct is indicated for use in soft tissue approximation in orthopedic procedures.

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Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
High strength “winding” suture anchored to flat “spine” suture
  • Even distribution and uniform pattern of whipstitches.
  • Tubularizes graft to easily pass through tunnels.
  • Compresses the graft rather than pierces through it, preventing damage to the graft
  • Works well even on small, wispy grafts (ie: less than 3mm).
Sterile, disposable delivery device
  • Easily deploys whipstitches on the graft with a simple pull of the suture tails.
  • Minimizes graft preparation time by 77%1 compared to traditional whipstitching techniques, may reduce overall OR time, anesthesia and tourniquet time.
Needleless delivery system
  • Minimizes risk of graft damage. Needle/suture holes have been shown to weaken the graft.2
  • Reduced risk of needle prick injuries for surgeon and OR staff.
Strong suture construct
  • Designed to maintain the strength required to meet clinical conditions during tensioning and cyclic loading
  • Suture compresses graft, does not lacerate it.


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  2. Wang, Robert, MD, etal. “A Comparison of Structural and Mechanical Properties of Tubularized AND Native Semitendinosus Graft,” Am J Sports Med, March 2010 38:


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