RIGIDLOOP™ Adjustable Cortical System

Division: United States

The RIGIDLOOP™ Adjustable Cortical Fixation System provides a means of suspensory fixation of tendons and ligaments in arthroscopic cruciate ligament reconstruction. The device consists of a titanium implant with a pre-attached, non-absorbable adjustable suture construct. The implant is preloaded with a green-and-white striped leading suture (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) and polyester (PET) cobraid) and a green PET trailing utility suture.

The system was designed to provide surgeons with what they want:

  1. procedural simplicity
  2. speed and optimized biomechanics
  3. strong, rigid fixation1

Reference Internal Data: DHF-102035-MEMO16

Indications for Use

The RIGIDLOOP Adjustable Cortical Fixation System is indicated for fixation of soft tissue to bone in Femoral Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction.

Video & Animations

Features & Benefits

  • Exclusive one-way sliding and locking knot design
  • Secure fixation with low displacement1
  • Designed to enable complete graft fill in the femoral tunnel
  • Unique one-handed tensioning for ease of use
  • Integrated graft prep and suture management system


Reference Internal Data: DHF-102035-MEMO16

DSUS/MTK/0517/1016 05/2017

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