OMNISPAN® Meniscal Repair System

Division: United States

The OMNISPAN™ Meniscal Repair System is designed to provide optimized all-inside meniscal repairs. The system consists of a low profile needle, pre-loaded with two PEEK backstops and ORTHOCORD® High Strength Orthopaedic Suture, which are delivered using the OMNISPAN System applier. The OMNISPAN Meniscal Repair System is the only all-inside system that contains partially absorbable suture and does not leave a hard body or knot on the surface of the meniscus.

Indications for Use

The OMNISPAN System is intended for use in the arthroscopic fixation of soft tissue procedures such as meniscal repair.

Features & Benefits

  Features Benefits
The system provides a mattress stitch repair, which is comparable to a gold standard inside out stitch. There are no nard bodies or knots on the meniscal surface.  OMNISPAN repairs leave no hard bodies making contact with the femoral chondyles. Even the knot has been moved to the backside of the meniscus, leaving a low profile double span of #2/0 ORTHOCORD Suture. 
Excellent Strength¹ Testing has shown OMNISPAN provides outstanding strength compared to competitive all-inside devices. Single pull to failure testing1 in porcine menisci resulted in over 177 N of strength, while cyclic testing1 in porcine menisci resulted in 204 N of strength.
Less Mass Postoperatively While providing an excellent strength profile, #2/0 ORTHOCORD Suture is composed of 55% PDS® Suture* and 45% High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. As a result, the suture’s PDS Component is resorbable and will result in less suture mass on the surface of the meniscus over time. 
Active Deployment  The active deployment provided by the OMNISPAN System applier
allows you decide when and where the backstops are ultimately deployed behind the meniscus – no plunging and relying on friction.¹
Needles are offered in Straight, 12 degree and 27 degree angles. Three needle types enable access to different areas of the meniscus.
Supporting instrumentation A reusable suture cutter and probe are available.

* PDS® is a trademark of Ethicon, Inc.
¹A. Barber, Arthroscopy, September 2009, and data on file at DePuy Mitek
2Biomechanical Comparison of the OMNISPAN Meniscal Repair System and Ultra FasT-Fix™



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