Femoral INTRAFIX™ Fixation System

Division: United States

The Femoral INTRAFIX® ACL Fixation System is designed to provide soft tissue femoral fixation for ACL reconstruction surgery using a single tunnel through an anteromedial approach with the use of either allograft or autograft. Femoral INTRAFIX® System, with its unique patented polypropylene sheath and PEEK screw implant design offers a new technique to achieve a more anatomic ACL reconstruction with improved femoral footprint placement and coverage, controlled anteromedial (AM) and posterolateral (PL) bundle positioning and strong, stiff soft tissue aperture fixation*.

Indications for Use

The Femoral INTRAFIX System is indicated for fixation of soft tissue grafts during cruciate ligament reconstruction.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Improved ACL Footprint Placement & Coverage  Femoral INTRAFIX fixates the AM and PL bundles in the shape of an hourglass, closely resembling the shape of the native ACL footprint with the collagen segregated into two bundles around the perimeter of the single tunnel.
Anatomic tunnel placement with the anteromedial approach The anteromedial approach allows flexibility in
placing the femoral tunnel independent of the tibial tunnel and eliminates a preventable error of an excessively vertical tunnel position commonly seen with a transtibial approach.1,4
Controlled AM & PL Bundle Positioning  Offers distinct bundle separation in a single tunnel to more closely mimic the native ACL. 
Aperture fixation With its unique patented screw and sheath design, Femoral INTRAFIX eliminates problems associated with graft rotation and damage. 
Strong, stiff construct Femoral INTRAFIX System provides an average pullout strength of 800N and an average displacement of less than 1mm.

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