VERSALOK® PEEK Anchor System

Division: Sports Medicine
Category: Rotator Cuff

The all new VERSALOK® PEEK Knotless Anchor System is made from 100% radiolucent PEEK and therefore won’t interfere with MRI scans. With over 46 lbs1 of pullout strength, it is designed for optimal knotless fixation in the rotator cuff with new bone fixation features. And for surgeons who are looking for time efficiency in the OR, not only is VERSALOK PEEK Knotless Anchor System knotless, it’s also self-punching, so there’s no need to pre-awl except in very hard bone!

Indications for Use

VERSALOCK Anchor is indicated for use in the following:

Shoulder: Rotor Cuff Repair, Biceps Tenodesis

Knee: Medial Collateral Ligament Repair, Lateral Collateral Ligament Repair, Posterior Oblique Ligament Repair, Iliotibial Band Tenodesis; Joint Capsule Closure

Elbow: Biceps Tendon Reattachment

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Made from 100% PEEK material Anchor is 100% radiolucent and won’t interfere with MRI scans. 
Self-punching  No need to pre-awl (except in very hard bone) resulting in time efficiency in the operating room. 
Specifically designed to have suture slide as the primary mode of failure  Suture slide will significantly reduce the potential for anchor pullout, compensating for possible over tensioning during deployment. 
Strong and achieves fixation by:
  • Radial expansion
  • Proximal “crown” of six “teeth”
  • Midbody wings flare out in two directions 
Optimal cortical and cancellous bone fixation. VERSALOK PEEK outperforms both PEEK PushLock*  and PEEK SwiveLock* in pull-out and suture slide1 (with over 46 lbs1 of pullout strength!).  

*Trademark of Arthrex, Inc.
1Data on File Reference: P/N901116

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