TRACKER™ AMZ Guide System

Division: Sports Medicine
Category: Alignment

The TRACKER® AMZ Guide System assists surgeons with Anteromedialization of the Tibial Tubercle. The system offers surgeons accurate and reproducible results when correcting patella malalignment, which reduces loading of the patellofemoral joint. The TRACKER AMZ System helps surgeons determine the slope or angle of the osteotomy cut, provides a guide for performing the cut and temporarily positions the tibial tubercle during the fixation process using 4.5mm cortical screws.

Indications for Use

Anteromedialization of the tibial tubercle.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Custom Anterior Retractor The custom retractor allows tissue retraction after lateral release along the lateral aspect of the tibial tubercle. 
Cutting Block with or without Pivot Base The cutting block provides a guide system for making the tibial osteotomy cut using an oscillating saw blade (not included). 
Positioning Card The positioning card slides into the cutting block enabling visualization of the osteotomy slope/angle.
May be used with the optional slope selector arm. 
Bone Clamp Temporarily holds the tibial tubercle in position during anteromedialization and fixation with cortical screws.
Drill Bits 2.0mm 6.5”, 3.2mm x 7” and 4.5mm x 6.5” drill bits allow holes to be drilled in the tibia for anchor pin placement.
Anchor Pins 2 x45mm, 2x64mm and 2 x 77mm anchor pins allow the cutting block to be fixed ensuring stability during the osteotomy portion of the procedure.
Anchor Pin Puller Removes Anchor pins

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