Division: Sports Medicine
Category: Rotator Cuff

PERMATAPE™ Suture now offers:

  • An optimized solution for both knotless and knot-tying repairs
  • A wider contact area with lower abrasiveness and less bulk as compared to the tested leading competitor1,2,3
  • Compatible with a wide range of existing instrumentation


*PERMATAPE was tested against the following leading competitor, Arthrex.


  1. Internal test report 103288856
  2. Internal test report 103313374
  3. Internal test report 103313375

Indications for Use

Indicated for use in general soft tissue approximation, and/or ligation, including use with allograft tissue for orthopedic procedures.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Less Abrasive
  • Cheesewires 77% less than Arthrex FiberTape1
Wider Footprint
  • 2.5mm width vs 2mm from S&N Ultratape2, Arthrex FiberTape3 and 1.3mm from Arthrex SutureTape4
  • 10.5% more tendon to bone compression area than Arthrex FiberTape5
Less Bulk
  • 54% less suture volume penetrates the tendon as compared to Arthrex FiberTape6
Optimized Knot Tying Characteristics
  • Ability to tie medial row knots while still having the benefit of using tape



  1. Internal test report 103288856
  5. Internal test report 103313375
  6. Internal test report 103313374
DSUS/MTK/0717/1044 1/2018

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