Division: Sports Medicine
Category: Small Joints

The MINILOK QUICKANCHOR® Plus Anchor provides strong and absorbable soft tissue fixation in hand, wrist, foot and ankle surgery.

Indications for Use


The DePuy Mitek MINILOK QUICKANCHOR Plus is intended for fixation of soft tissue to bone, using suture, for the indications listed below:

Ankle: Mid-foot reconstruction

Foot: Hallux valgus reconstruction

Hand: Ulnar or lateral collateral ligament reconstruction

Wrist: Scapholunate ligament reconstruction

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Small and strong 2.3 x 5mm anchor  Provides 64.1 Newtons of pull-out strength
Ready-to-use anchor pre-packaged with suture, needles and 2.0mm drill bit
Now available with ORTHOCORD® high-strength, Partially Absorbable Suture (#2/0 and #0), ETHIBOND® suture (#2/0 and #0) or PANACRYL® (#2/0) suture Allows secure fixation throughout the tissue healing process while minimizing postoperative knot mass
Completely absorbable PLA anchor with option of 2/0 PANACRYL long-term absorbable suture



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