Division: Sports Medicine
Category: Instability Implants

This system provides surgeons with the flexibility of material, design and procedures. It also provides an instrumentation set that allows for superior access, great visibility and precision in hole placements.

In tight anatomic environments, such as shoulder instability procedures, LUPINE® Anchor offers a unique solution for reliable outcomes.  

Indications for Use


The LUPINE® BR Anchor System is indicated for use in soft tissue to bone fixation in association with adequate postoperative immobilization as follows:



  1. Bankart Repair
  2. SLAP lesion repair
  3. Rotator cuff repair
    1. Capsule shift/capsulo-labral reconstruction, at the anterior glenoid rim site
    2. Capsule shift/capsulo-labral reconstruction at the lesser tuberosity of the humerus
  4. Biceps tenodesis
  5. Acromio-clavicular separation
  6. Deltoid repair


  1. Biceps tendon reattachment
  2. Tennis elbow repair


  1. Achilles tendon repair/reconstruction
  2. Lateral stabilization
  3. Medial stabilization at the medial talus site Foot: Hallux Valgus reconstruction
  4. Midfoot reconstruction


  1. Medial collateral ligament repair
  2. Lateral collateral ligament repair
  3. Joint capsule closure to anterior proximal tibia
  4. Posterior oblique ligament or joint capsule to tibia repair
  5. Extra capsular reconstruction/ITB tenodesis
  6. Patellar ligament and tendon avulsion repairs



  1. Bankart repair
  2. SLAP lesion repair
  3. Rotator cuff repair
  4. Capsule shift repair (glenoid rim)


The DePuy Synthes Mitek Sports Medicine BIOKNOTLESS® BR Anchor is indicated for use in soft tissue to bone fixation in association with adequate postoperative immobilization as follows: Shoulder: Bankart repair, SLAP lesion repair, acromio-clavicular separation, rotator cuff repair, capsule shift/capsulo-labral reconstruction, biceps tenodesis, and deltoid repair.

Ankle: Lateral instability, medial instability, Achilles tendon repair/reconstruction, and midfoot reconstruction.
Foot: Hallux valgus reconstruction
Elbow: Tennis elbow repair, biceps tendon reattachment.
Knee: Extra-capsular repairs; reattachment of: medial collateral ligament, lateral collateral ligament, posterior oblique ligament or joint capsule to tibia and joint capsule closure to anterior proximal tibia; extra capsular reconstruction, ITB tenodesis; patellar ligament and tendon avulsions.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits

The #1 U.S. Biocomposite material for shoulder and knee implants. Combining TCP and PLGA pre-clinical testing has shown resorbtion over time, followed by bone in-growth.

BIOCRYL RAPIDE Material with its inherent bioresorbable, osteoconductive properties is a good choice for a continuum of sports medicine implants to aid in the restoration of the anatomy. 

Strength 43lbs of pull-out, which is 30% stronger that Bio-SutureTak®
Loop Eyelet Excellent suture slideability
Orthocord Suture  Delivers 55lbs of tensile strength and is 45% less stiff than Fiberwire®
Small Size Minimal drill hole needed on the glenoid, 2.9mm
Flexibility Numerous surgical applications and techniques with the same anchor.
Ease of use Allows for repeatable and reliable results 
Multiple Indications  Offers great utility to end-user, can be used in MCL/LCL repair, Distal Biceps Repair and many other procedures
4 Guide Options Ease of access to the target pathology; Dove Tail, Fish Mouth, Hybrid and Saw Tooth

All medical devices have associated risks. Please refer to the package insert and other labeling for a complete list of indications, contraindications, precautions and warnings. For further information on DePuy Synthes Products, please contact your local DePuy Synthes Representative.