INTRAFIX® ACL Tibial Fastener

Division: Sports Medicine
Category: ACL Reconstruction

INTRAFIX® System w as designed and patented to provide strong and stiff intra-tunnel fixation. INTRAFIX System Tibial Tapered Screw and System Tibial Sheath are used to secure soft tissue grafts to the bone during cruciate ligament reconstruction. The system maximizes bone ingrowth by exposing 360 degrees of the bone tunnel to the soft tissue graft. INTRAFIX System is a two-part system with a PEEK screw and expandable polypropylene sheath. The sheath separates and holds the graft strands in place as the screw expands the sheath. The system provides expansion and compression fixation to maximize tissue to bone contact.

Indications for Use

The INTRAFIX ACL Fixation System is indicated for fixation of soft tissue grafts during cruciate ligament reconstruction.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Design The INTRAFIX® fastener features a patented screw and sheath design that enhances bone-to-graft contact and strength through:
  • Concentric screw placement
  • 360º graft placement
  • Improved engagement
Strength Tested in human cadaver bone, the INTRAFIX® System demonstrated excellent fixation, with >1000N pull-out strength1. Tested in an independent study (against five other tibial soft tissue fixation systems), INTRAFIX® System demonstrated the highest strength and stiffness with the lowest graft displacement.2

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