Hip in a Box model

Division: Sports Medicine
Category: Hip

The hip in a box model is an educational unit developed as a tool for those new to hip arthroscopy to practice initial entry into the hip joint. It contains a replacement joint and skin component. 1-1.5 cm of distraction can be obtain with this model as well as up to +/- 30o of rotation. The bones are radio-opaque and thus, the model can be used with a c-arm to simulate an actual hip arthroscopy.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Opaque and transparent skin components Use the transparent skin as an additional aid during learning. Both simulate the tactile feedback of putting spinal needle, dilator and scope sheath into the hip joint. The transparent skin also contains the femoral artery and a main branch of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve.  
Hip joint with semi-opaque capsule, cartilage and labrum The capsule is designed to pop similar to OR situations when the spinal needle is first pushed through. The semi-opaque material allows the user to see the underlying anatomy for training.  
Radio-opaque bones Can be used in conjunction with a c-arm to develop the surgical and image reading skills simultaneously.
Traction and rotation The model is designed such that 1 to 1.5 cm of traction can be pulled on the femoral head, simulating the OR environment. The joint can be rotated +/- 30o internally and externally.

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