GII® Anchor

Division: Sports Medicine
Category: Rotator Cuff

The GII® Titanium Anchor with nitinol arcs is used for soft tissue reattachment to bone. The GII Anchor's small size, high pull-out strength and wide range of clinical applications make it the anchor used by many surgeons worldwide.

Indications for Use

SHOULDER: Acromio-clavicular; Bankart repair; Biceps tenodesis; Capsule shift/capsulolabral reconstruction; Deltoid repair; Rotator cuff repair; SLAP lesion repair.

ANKLE: Achilles tendon repair/reconstruction; Lateral instability; Medial instability; Midfoot reconstructions.

FOOT: Hallux valgus reconstruction.

WRIST: Scapholunate ligament reconstruction. HAND: Ulnar or lateral collateral ligament reconstruction.

ELBOW: Biceps tendon reattachment; Tennis elbow repair.

KNEE: Extra capsular reconstruction, ITB tenodesis; Lateral collateral ligament; Patellar ligament and tendon avulsion repairs; Posterior oblique ligament or joint capsule to tibia; Joint capsule closure to anterior proximal tibia; Medial collateral ligament.

BNS: Fixation in pubic bone for bladder neck suspension using USP #2 Class | nonabsorbable synthetic suture (e.g. polypropylene). A minimum of 2 Anchors should be used in this procedure.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Suture Options Offered in ORTHOCORD®, PANACRYL® & ETHIBOND® Sutures which gives surgeons the flexibility to choose the best suture for each patient presentation.
Small Drill Hole 2.4 x 8.8mm drill hole is compact and allows for use across multiple procedures.
Titanium Alloy  Proven material that will provide strength and biocompatability.
ORTHOCORD® Suture Delivers 55lbs of tensile strength and is 45% less stiff than Fiberwire®

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