FASTIN® RC Dual Channeled Anchor

Division: Sports Medicine
Category: Rotator Cuff

The FASTIN® RC Dual-Channeled Anchor, threaded with ORTHOCORD® Suture, offers an advantageous high-strength solution to surgeons who perform both arthroscopic and open rotator cuff procedures.

Indications for Use

The FASTIN RC Anchor is intended for:

Shoulder: Rotator Cuff Repair, Biceps Tenodesis,, Acromio-Clavicular Separation Repair and SLAP Repair;

Foot/Ankle: Lateral Stabilization, Medial Stabilization, Achilles Tendon Repair;

Knee: Medial Collateral Ligament Repair, Lateral Collateral Ligament Repair, Patellar Tendon Repair, Posterior Oblique Ligament Repair, Iliotibial Band Tenodesis;

Elbow: Biceps Tendon Reattachment, Tennis Elbow, Ulnar or Radial Collateral Ligament Reconstruction.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Sharp Tip  Single-step insertion and easy anchor placement 
Double loaded with suture  Allows for a greater distribution of load
Independent suture eyelets  Reduces suture binding and allows for a modified Mason-Allen Technique
Smaller inner core and wide, deeper-pitch cancellous thread Offers excellent soft bone purchase and a reduced risk of anchor pull-out in soft bone

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