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Division: Mitek Sports Medicine
Category: Arthroscopic Capital Equipment

Delivering differentiation that matters, so you can focus on the patient and resect precisely.

To ensure your cases run fluidly, our FMS VUE fluid management portfolio delivers the clarity, consistency, control and proven cost savings² you need to keep your team’s attention where it should be: on the patient.

It’s also the only shaver system to be incorporated into a fluid management system for optimal suction, visual clarity and pressure control. This, along with delivering up to 500% less metal particulate versus leading competitors³ and an ever-expanding blade and burr portfolio, means you resect precisely, case after case.

Due to the broad FMS shaver portfolio, surgeons have access to high-quality mechanical resection tools for use across a wide-range of arthroscopic surgical procedures, including rotator cuff repair, sub acromial decompression, shoulder instability, ACL and PCL repair, meniscus repair, and more.

Part of the DePuy Synthes VUE Arthroscopic Equipment Solutions portfolio.

FMS VUE® Fluid Management and Tissue Debridement System - Fluid Machine FMS VUE® Fluid Management and Tissue Debridement System - Micro Tornado Handpiece FMS VUE® Fluid Management and Tissue Debridement System - Variety of Tip Shapes

Features & Benefits

  Features Benefits
FMS VUE® Fluid Management and Tissue Debridement System - Clarity & Consistency Clarity & Consistency
  • Maximizes and maintains optimal visualization
  • BLOODSTOP™ Feature controls bleeding
  • Flow +® Pedal Technology clears debris while maintaining pressure
  • Reacts to shaver outflow surges to maintain pressure
  • Reduces extravasation risk and costs of additional follow-up care1
  • Inflow and outflow rates synchronize through one system
FMS VUE® Fluid Management and Tissue Debridement System - Control & Cost Savings

Control & Cost Savings

  • Decreases operative time versus inflow-only pumps1
  • FMS® Fluid Management System Inflow/Outflow Sheath provides true independent control of inflow and outflow2
  • Easy set-up with color-coded tube sets
  • Toggle between Inflow/outflow and inflow-only mode
  • Independent study validation of cost savings versus inflow-only pumps1
  • Reusable tubing
  • Less saline usage versus inflow-only pumps1
  • One capital unit to operate fluid management and shaver blades and burrs


  • Delivering 500% less metal particulate vs. leading competitors3
  • Proprietary lubricant reduces friction, resulting in overall reduction of shedding3
  • Reduced clearance between blade edges enables clean and efficient cutting
  • Notched burr flutes improve bone sculptability
FMS VUE® Fluid Management and Tissue Debridement System - Quality & Choice

Quality & Choice

  • Multiple lengths, tip shapes and cutting efficiency for ultimate control, including a large variety of blades, burrs, small joint and extra-length designs
  • Optimal grades of hardened stainless steels for strength
  • Light, robust, and easy-to-load Micro Tornado Handpiece
  • Easily recognizable color rings on all black hubs for quick identification
FMS VUE® Fluid Management and Tissue Debridement System - Innovation Innovation
  • Only shaver system incorporated into fluid management system foroptimal suction, clarity and performance
  • New OMNICUT™ Resection Blade enables both soft tissue and bone resection
  • Provides an economic advantage and enhances OR efficiency by eliminating the need to switch from a blade to a burr
  • Innovative three-window design improves cutting effectiveness and precision
  • Engages and draws tissue with adequate speed for optimal resection




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DSUS/MTK/0517/1014 08/2017

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