Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction and Meniscal Repair

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At DePuy Synthes Mitek Sports Medicine, we know that every second is valuable in your operating room. That’s why we are enhancing our commitment to streamlined and more efficient procedures. From graft preparation, meniscal repair, and retrograde reaming to femoral and tibial implants, Mitek Sports Medicine now offers you solutions you need for your cruciate ligament reconstructions and meniscal repairs. Together with our comprehensive portfolio of precision instruments, we’ve got the solutions you need for a more efficient OR.

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Collaborating with world-renowned faculty, Mitek Sports Medicine is committed to professional education concerning the latest techniques in arthroscopic surgery. We offer product training for healthcare professionals within various stages of their careers. Our educational opportunities encompass a variety of modalities to meet the diverse training needs of healthcare professionals.

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SPEEDTRAP Graft Prep System

SPEEDTRAP™ Graft Prep System

  • Innovative design delivers even distribution and pattern of whipstitches
  • “Needleless” design compresses the graft,eliminating graft damage from needle pierces
  • High strength suture and construct for graft tensioning
A global knee ethnography study determined that the process of harvesting and preparing grafts for use in ACL reconstruction is a tedious, inefficient and time-consuming process.1 The SPEEDTRAP™ System is a whipstitching device designed to prepare grafts faster than traditional whipstitching techniques by at least 77%.2


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TRUESPAN Meniscal Repair System

TRUESPAN™ Meniscal Repair System

  • Designed to be robust and easy to use
  • Versatile 0°, 12° & 24° needle curvature options
  • Absorbable or non-absorbable implants
Many all-inside meniscal repair devices can be difficult to use and lack the reliability you count on for effective procedures. The TRUESPAN™ System features a streamlined handle design, single trigger, and auto-reloading mechanism designed to minimize device ‘fiddle-factor’ and enable quick and simple one-handed use. No needle assembly or reloading steps required.


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TWISTR Retrograde Reamer & Cruciate+ Instruments

TWISTR™ Retrograde Reamer & Cruciate+ Instruments

  • One-size-fits-all reamer adjusts to drill 6-12mm tunnels, including half sizes
  • Adjustable design simplifies inventory management and improves procedural convenience
  • Reduces cost in cases where multiple reamer sizes are needed
  • Accurately drills tunnels and bone sockets for anatomic reconstructions3
Surgeons performing cruciate ligament reconstructions desire anatomic tunnel placement, which can be difficult to achieve with inside-out drilling techniques. The TWISTR™ Retrograde Reamer & Cruciate+ Instruments combine for precision, outside-in tunnel drilling, eliminating the need to hyper-flex the knee and reducing the risk of condylar damage during ACL & PCL reconstruction.


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INTRAFIX ADVANCE Tibial Fastener System

INTRAFIX™ ADVANCE Tibial Fastener System

  • Simple sizing and improved usability
  • Provides 360º of graft to bone compression
  • High-strength implants for rigid fixation4
  • Absorbable or non-absorbable implants
ACL reconstruction failures frequently occur at the tibial fixation site where the bone is less dense compared to the femur. Based on the original INTRAFIX™ ACL Fixation System which has been used clinically since 1999, the INTRAFIX™ ADVANCE System implants and instruments have been designed for improved reliability, simplicity, and speed while maintaining the biomechanical performance that surgeons expect.


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RIGIDLOOP Adjustable Cortical System

RIGIDLOOP™ Adjustable Cortical System

  • Exclusive one-way sliding and locking knot design
  • Secure fixation with low displacement6
  • Designed to enable the graft to fully fill the femoral socket
  • Unique one-handed tensioning for ease of use
  • Integrated graft prep and suture management system
An implant that can provide a rigid and strong fixation with minimal graft elongation is critical in a successful ACL reconstruction. The RIGIDLOOP™ Adjustable System offers the convenience of adjustable loop devices with rigid graft fixation comparable to Endobutton™.5


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DSUS/MTK/0517/1006a 09/2017

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