HEALIX Biceps Tenodesis

The HEALIX Family of Anchors provides excellent fixation for biceps tenodesis. In this technique, a lasso loop stitch is employed. One suture is passed horizontally around the tendon and tied. A second suture is used to create a vertically oriented lasso loop stitch around the horizontally oriented suture. The lasso loop stitch has been shown to offer excellent tendon grip strength due to the constricting force provided by the loop. In addition, the horizontally oriented suture acts as a secondary mechanical block.1,2

1. Patzer et al., All-Arthroscopic Suprapectoral Long Head of Biceps Tendon Tenodesis With Interference Screw–Like Tendon Fixation After Modified Lasso-Loop Stitch Tendon Securing, Arthroscopy Techniques, Vol 1, No 1 (September), 2012: pp e53-e56
2. L afosse, et al. A New Technique to Improve Tissue Grip: "The Lasso-Loop Stitch", Arthroscopy: The Journal of Arthroscopic and Related Surgery, Vol 22, No 11 (November), 2006: pp 1246.e1-1246

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