TRI-LOCK® Bone Preservation Stem

Division: Hip
Category: Hip Reconstruction

The TRI-LOCK® Bone Preservation Stem is based on the well documented 35 year clinical heritage of the original TRI-LOCK Stem. The tapered-wedge design of the TRI-LOCK BPS Stem ensures intimateimplant to bone contact proximally, providing both rotational and axial stability, while increasing the opportunity for biological fixation to bone. 

Features & Benefits

  Features Benefits
TRI-LOCK BPS System features 13 stem sizes. Extensive Size Range The TRI-LOCK BPS System features 13 stem sizes which allows surgeons to address a wide range of patient anatomies. Consistent intervals between each stem size help achieve proper fit within the femur.
GRIPTION Porous Coating is engineered to maintain mechanical integrity. GRIPTION® Porous Coating GRIPTION Porous Coating is specifically engineered to maintain mechanical integrity under shear, compression, torsion and tension force. This advanced, three-dimensional fixation is designed to enhance initial stability, which may lead to long-term biological fixation.1
The TRI-LOCK BPS Dual offset options prove the ability to lateralize by 6mm-8mm to help manage soft tissue laxity. Direct Lateralization The TRI-LOCK BPS Dual Offset options provide surgeons the ability to lateralize by 6mm-8mm to help manage soft tissue laxity. The offset range is 30mm-50mm depending on stem size. This direct lateralization can enable femoral offset restoration without affecting leg length.
The TRI-LOCK BPS stem minimizes the amount of bone removed from the patient. Bone Preserving The reduced lateral shoulder, thin geometry and optimized length compared to the original TRI-LOCK Stem minimize the amount of bone removed from the patient.


1. Jasty M, et al. “In Vivo Skeletal Responses to Porous-Surfaced Implants Subjected to Small Induced Motions.” J Bone Joint Surg Am. 1997;79(5):707-714.

DSUS/JRC/0616/1625 09/2016

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