CORAIL® Total Hip System

Division: Hip
Category: Hip Reconstruction

With 1.6 million stems1 provided for patients worldwide and thirty years of clinical heritage, the CORAIL® Total Hip System now has the most extensive experience with a hydroxyapatite (HA) coated stem. Combining basic design features including shape, surface finish and extensive hydroxyapatite coating, with a simple compaction broach-only surgical technique, the CORAIL Total Hip System has demonstrated reproducible results and long-term biomechanical joint restoration. 


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Features & Benefits

  Features Benefits
An image depicting the the collared stems that are available for the CORAIL Hip System. Collared Stem Option Collared stems are available in both standard and coxa vara offset designed to control subsidence and add rotational stability.1
An image depicting the stepped geometry that the CORAIL Hip System uses to minimize shear forces and maximize compression loading. Stepped Geometry The Stepped Geometry of the CORAIL Stem is designed to minimize shear forces and maximize compression loading in host cancellous bone.
An image depicting the multiple offset options for the CORAIL Hip System which enable femoral offset restoration and soft tissue tensioning, Multiple Offset Options The CORAIL Stem offers standard and high offset options which can enable femoral offset restoration and soft tissue tensioning. The CORAIL Stem also offers a coxa vara neck option which provides an additional option for varus neck angled patients.
An image depicting how the CORAIL Stem utilizes compaction broaching to help preserve the blood supply. Compaction Broaching The CORAIL Stem utilizes compaction broaching which preserves the blood supply to promote healing and growth of bone around the implant. This technique has shown 96.3% survivorship of the stem at 25 years.2



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