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The labrum is a ring of fibrocartilage (fibrous cartilage) that extends around the majority of the acetabulum, increasing its depth. The labrum acts as a suction seal around the femoral head maintaining the joint fluid within. The fluid protects the articular cartilage layers of the femur and acetabulum. The labrum does act as a stabilizer of the femoral head within the acetabulum as well. [1] Surgical intervention includes a labral repair that consists of reattaching the torn labrum to the acetabulum.


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Professional Education

DePuy Synthes Mitek Sports Medicine is offering two courses in hip arthroscopy in 2013: April 5-6, 2013 in Raynham, MA and November 22-23, 2013 in Henderson, NV. Mitek Sports Medicine also offers a regular surgeon observation program in hip arthroscopy that includes a hands-on training component.

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