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About this procedure

The innovative Anterior Approach, as described by Dr. Joel Matta, utilizes a tissue sparing philosophy providing surgeons the opportunity to treat patients with the potential for faster recovery, reduced risk of dislocation, fewer postoperative restrictions and less pain.1

Surgeon benefits of this procedure include:

Tissue-sparing - Enables patients the potential of fewer post-operative restrictions, faster recovery, less pain and reduced risk of dislocation

Reduced Length of Patient Stay2 - Potential for less post-operative resource utilization

Streamlined Tools and Instruments - The hana® Table* and TSS Instrumentation facilitate a simplified procedure

Dedicated Training and Education - With Dr. Matta’s expertise, DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction has developed training designed to offer hands-on experience and enhanced understanding of this innovative approach

Intraoperative Imaging Capabilities - Allows surgeons the ability to view and adjust implant placement intraoperatively

Enhanced Visualization of the Acetabulum - Facilitates surgeon access and implant positioning

Anterior Approach Friendly Implants - The CORAIL® Hip System and TRI-LOCK® Bone Preservation System from DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction offer design features and extensive clinical heritage for implementing the Anterior Approach



1.      Bourne MH, Mariani EM. A Comparison Between Direct Anterior Surgery of the Hip (DASH) and Anterolateral (AL) Surgical Approaches to Total Hip Arthroplasty: Post- Operative Outcomes. Poster Presentation #014, AAOS, New Orleans, LA, March 9-13, 2010. Comparison of functional outcomes after Anterior Approach (211 patients) with Anterolateral/Traditional (259 patients).

2.       Nakata K., et al. “A Clinical Comparative Study of the Direct Anterior With Mini-Posterior Approach.” The Journal of Arthroplasty Vol.24, No.5, 2009


hana® is a registered trademark of MIZUHO OSI.

Dr. Matta is a consultant for DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction, and receives royalties as the designerof the PRO fx®, hana® or hana SSXT® tables which aremanufactured by Mizuho OSI.

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